Seeing Spots!

Apartment Therapy named polka dots as the interior trend of 2013, and it’s not hard to see why. Classic, contemporary, retro, and whimsical, peppering your walls with these spots can liven up any room while reflecting whatever your style may be. Check out some styles and get sprinkled with inspiration!

Classic: Whether creating a luxurious bedroom for you, a clean and individual space for kids, or a sleek guest bathroom, polka dots take the lead in creating a classy and classic atmosphere.

French style fairy tale

European style fairy tale via

can't decided? do both!

can’t decided? do both! via

retro and glam!

retro and glam! via

Monochromatic: Subtle polka dots can create a contemporary and slightly seductive look with barely any color.

manly and contemporary dots

manly and contemporary dots via

a whisper of polka dots

a whisper of polka dots via

Bright and White: Make an accent wall pop while tying the entire room together

Chic and next to nature

Going green never looked so trendy! via

Accentuating an accent wall

Make that accent wall stand out! via

A Few Freckles: If you’re not able to commit to a full on polka dot room, a few dots to highlight an area of a room go a long way.

Baby's first interior decor

Baby’s first interior decor via

Sprinkle of dots

Sprinkle of dots via

Snowflake-a dots, maybe?

Snowflake-a dots, maybe? via

Whimsical: These imperfect specks are spot on! Create the look of a party that never ends with confetti-style polka dots. Get artsy with water colored, hand painted dots, in your favorite color. Or take it to the next level and bring polka dots to the third dimension!

Like glitter in the air!

Like glitter in the air!  via

Watercolor Polka Dots

Watercolor Polka Dots via

3D Polka Dot Wall

3D Polka Dot Wall via


happy {crafting + photo shoot} weekend

A few moments from my insanely busy week.

I have several fantastic projects on the horizon and I am having a great time seeing them progress. It feels AWESOME to do what I love!

This weekend, I will be crafting,  prepping and styling Mr. Bright.Bazaar’s birthday look. Its coming along GREAT and I cant wait to share it with you next week.

Have a happy happy weekend.

Pinwheel from bhldn | images: from my iphone








happy friday

Yay to a short work week. I have two upcoming photoshoots to prep for so a “little work-little play” weekend ahead of me.

Throw in some bubbly and tunes and I am a HAPPY girl. What are your plans?



ps: how adorable is this LBD? Want!! Anyone know where its from?  I have the perfect red peep-toe pumps to go with it too.

See you bright and back to regular schedule Monday. xoxo

images: lucky, vogue, sacremento street and manvi drona-hidalgo