Storm Style

Weather been has atrocious lately. Wet, wet and yuck!

If I didn’t have work to do, errands to run, puppy to be walked….you would find me hibernating under my softest blanket, surfacing only when the sun popped back out. Alas! Puppies cant walk themselves, even though lil Dexter tries his best to, and rain or shine work needs to be done.

What does make hopping through those puddles a lot more fun and filled with va va voom is a good pair of wellies! High on my wish-list for a while are Ilse Jacobsen boots from none other than one of my best blogging bud Monika Classen’s Splendid Willow Avenue.

Handmade in Europe, these 100% natural rubber boots are not only stylish, but super comfortable and lined in cotton fleece to keep feetsies breathing. What I love most is how sexy they look! Wanting so much!

So many sexy colors to chose from……my pick? The ones in turquoise.

Oh and while you are over at Splendid Willow Avenue dont miss the new handpicked items, such as this sheepskin pelt, recently added to the store. True Scandinavian and a la Monika style.

images: pinterest and splendid willow avenue.


these boots are made for walking

Im sure you all know my dearest blogging friend Monika of Splendid Willow. She is a huge supporter of Mochatini and Monika’s blog is a constant source of Swedish inspired interiors. Monika recently launched an online store called splendid willow ave. Splendid Willow Ave sells vibrant and SUPER stylish wellingtons and raincoats by Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen.

I LOVE the lace-up, retro design of the boots and the gorgeous colors they come in.


Made of 100% natural rubber and with a cotton fleece lining, they are great for long days spent outdoor in both rain and snow, in the city and in the countryside. The boots and raincoats are handmade in Europe.

Monika is offering FREE shipping on these babies but you MUST place your order by tomorrow ( December 16) to get them on time for Christmas. As an added bonus to earth-lovers the boots come in recyclable bags instead of shoe boxes. So hurry up and get a pair for yourself. Your feet will totally love you.

Splendid Willow Ave.

Congrats on a absolutely fabulous store Mon.