Submit Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas To Win Pashmina and Silk Shawls

I am a big supporter of products that you are handmade, reused and or recycled. I find a use for almost everything around me. Vegetable boxes, tin cans, wine bottles, corks, brown bags, etc. I mostly save a lot of these for holiday gift wrapping purposes. ( You should see the look Mr. Mochatini gives me when I say “oh please don’t throw that away I can use that for something“. Ice cream sticks make excellent plant tags. nd what about cookies in the clear vegetable box with some handmade wash cloth, olive oil in wine bottles, tea light lanterns from tin cans, I could go on. But I want YOU to. Which brings me to this week’s contest.

I want to see gift wrapping ideas in which you have handmade, recycled and reused materials. I am not looking for perfection here, just simple and creative ideas that you come up with to gift wrap. They don’t have to be from this holiday season, or limited only to recycled or reused materials but have a hand crafted quality to them. Feel free to submit as many as you would like. At least one picture, and list of materials used is required.

Entries will be accepted until midnight December 19 EST. I will announce the winner that weekend.

Winner will receive a Pashmina or Silk Shawl from Nimli. I will ship the prizes internationally too, so to all my readers from around the world, don’t be shy.

And have a great weekend.

Reader Contest Winner

And the winner is……..

Wait. Let me first refresh your memory about the contest. I asked readers to submit a picture and/or description of an item that when you added to a room, it dramatically changed the look of the room.

I want to thank each one of you who entered the contest and shared your ideas. I stayed up late last night receiving and going through all your entries. They were all so great and very creative. Thank you for taking the time to submit your entries. There is a surprise pressie on its way to you as a thank you for entering. I hope you also enter for this week’s contest.

Now for the winner – drum roll….. Sparrow King from New York.

Sparrow changed the look of her dining room by reupholstering the chairs. She initially wanted to go with fabrics from Josef Frank textiles, but decided to go with Serefina from Pottery Barn instead. While the room is still a work in progress, you will see how fab her room looks with just recovering the chairs. Sparrow even sent in pictures from her mood board for the room. Congrats Sparrow! Your Azuri Silk Charmeuse Sash is on its way to you.

Dining Room – Before

Sparrow’s Inspiration from Josef Frank Textiles, Pottery Barn and Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke Lamp

Dining Room – After

Sparrow, what a cozy dining room! The chairs look fabulous. I hope you share pictures of other updates you make to the room.

Reader Give Away + Mochatini Welcomes Nimli as Sponsor

Nimli, Mochatini’s latest sponsor has graciously offered gorgeous Azuri silk scarves and cashmere and feather pashmina shawls to 7 lucky readers. Online retailers Nimli provide natural, sustainable, organic lifestyle products. Their store features a wide range of women’s men’s, kid’s pet’s and home products that are ecologically friendly. Here is a sneak peak at some of their stuff. I have to mention that I also really like their website. Not only is it designed well, is very user friendly as well.

So here is this week’s contest.

Send me a picture with descriptive details of how you added just one item to a room that made a dramatic difference. It could be a bold lamp, a crazy cushion, or a wild rug – anything. But just that one item. If you can’t take a picture, I will consider really descriptive entries as well.

And the winner of this week’s contest receives a gorgeous Azuri Silk Charmeuse Sash in Burnt Orange.

You can either email me your entries at or send me links to pictures in the comments. I will decide and announce the winner next Tuesday 12/9/2008.