Hidalgo Casa Mood Files – Master Bedroom

Call me superstitious, because I didn’t want to create too many mood files for our new house before moving in.

It could have been the fear of getting jinxed, or the uncertainty that comes with the home buying process, but mostly I didn’t because I think only after you live in the house do you get a feel and sense of its identity. The colors, the placement of furniture, the accessories, all start to come together and your vision matches the personality of the house (Yes, I think homes have personality- mine is charming and needs love amongst other traits).

But now that we have moved in, I can envision decorating it better. I am going to start compiling pictures and journaling them here as Hidalgo Casa Mood Files.

This one is for the master bedroom suite.

The master suite is really big. High ceilings upto about 20ft in parts and basically the entire third level. A huge room, closets, and an en-suite bathroom. An ideal room for a multi-use space! I can finally think about a four poster bed. And there is space to make a reading lounge. We both love to read at night, and having a second smaller library in this nook would make it convenient and comfortable. Maybe even have a TV there for those late night horror movies. For the comfort part, I want a lounge or lower seating. I had a Diwan bed in mind, until I came across this image on Apartment therapy.

Its by Andrianna Shamaris and its very close to the relaxed look I wanted to go for.

Andrianna lounge

I might be able to keep the color scheme the same since I already have cushions to match the palette. Although, I’m sure I’ll end up adding a splash of a bright color somewhere.

I want to accessorize the corner with a chandelier or pendant light. Here are some options I am considering.


Globe Lights – West Elm


Abaca – West Elm

Recycled Metal Globe

Recycled Metal Globed from Viva Terra. I featured these a few posts ago.


Kristaller- Ikea

What do you think about these? Are you redoing any rooms? Send me your inspiration images and I can create a mood book for you with all your pictures here on mochatini.