Puppy Love: 5 Summer Must-haves

Summer heat in DC is a little much for Dexter, especially in the afternoons. His favorite spot in my apartment is the bath tub where he loves to quench his thirst ( he thinks the faucet is a water fountain) and then nap in the cool tub. He is super adorable when he does this. I fill his water bowl with ice and he still prefers to drink from the tub.


Seeing how uncomfortable the Summer heat is making him had me searching for  ways to keep my hot dog cool.



1. I found this three-ingredient ice cream on dog milk  and decided to give it a try. Just as with other dishes I make, he devoured in less than a minute and came back for more, which makes me believe he liked it. For those less inclined to spend time making ice cream, Arrfscarf offers five delish flavors for your pup.

2. I have been taking him to parks and outdoor parties with me and a collapsible travel bowl, like this one by BlissPaws  is very handy.

3. His metal colar gets too hot and I am eyeing the olive ombre rope collar by Petswag as an alternative.

4. He loves most products by Kong and Im positive this wet wubba is going to become his new best toy.

5. This cooling pad for pets looks interesting as well. Especially for when we travel.


Have a great week ahead.


Come. Sit. Play! | Holiday Pet Paw-ty for HGTV.com

As a puppy-mommy I find it hard to enjoy the holiday season, or any occasion for that matter, without my adorable lab Dexter. He is the one thing I look forward to seeing all day. So, when my editors at HGTV.com took me up on a pet holiday feature I was only too thrilled. And for months I have been waiting to share details of this project with you. A pet PAW-ty celebrating the furry members we love and cherish so much. A holiday party with pet-friendly yet totally stylish decorations, a treat table, doggy-bags, and home made goodies for the pups! Inviting Dexter’s doggy friends, indulging and pampering them at party focused on them was one of the most satisfying events I have ever planned. Nothing was off-limits for them and just seeing their happy faces was priceless.

I stitched up these bow ties for each of the guests to wear at the party which also doubled up as favors.

The dinner table with placecards and bowls for pet-owners to take home. The tablecloth fabric is from Ikea and the candy-cane-like treats are from petco. The placemats are glitter paper from Michaels. For the centerpiece I place a rosemary plant in a dollar-store bucket.

No party is complete without a dessert/treat table so why should this one be any different? I created a garland of plastic ornaments as a backdrop hung above puppy reach, and placed a mix of store-bought and homemade goodies so the doggies could help themselves.

These dog biscuits were easy and so fun to make. Recipe on hgtv.com

Little flags made with craft paper and a graphic bone served as helpful food tags.

Personalized striped doggy bags for each pet-parent to fill with treats to take home.

For main course we served dog-friendly ice cream. Can you tell how much they loved it?

Dexter was one super happy puppy! Needless to say, all the pups had a ball!!

Get all the details, including recipes on how to host a pet holiday party from the full feature at hgtv.com


styled and photographed by Manvi Drona