a stylist’s life

Past few weeks have been crazy packed with styling projects, photo shoots and preps that I hadnt noticed that it was almost mid October. My favorite month nearly over and I hadnt had a chance to write a single post. Bad me. Sorry about that. I hope you will allow me to show you what I have been upto. I put together a little “behind the scenes” glimpse into my life lately. Would you like to see?

A few weeks ago I was approached to do a project involving styling some model homes for Ryan Homes. Basically Ryan Homes was looking to update their promotional images which required updating their existing model homes and injecting them with life for the shoot. It sounded like such a fun challenge and I was in from the start. I had about 12 or so spaces to style. Several days of location scouting and shopping trips later, we were ready for the multi-day photo shoots.

Everyone was so nice to work with, Thomas (the photographer), Allison and Chris (the ad agency peeps), Debra (the Ryan homes rep) and my very helpful assistants Harrison and Jordana.

They were looking for overall shots but I got to click a few pics of the details.

I cant wait to see how they all turn out.

oh and before I forget. I know some of you have been wanting to see, this is the table I created for hubby’s birthday dinner party. We cleared out the living room and brought in our outdoor table and dining table to create a longer one. Post dinner drinks were outside in the garden and it was a really beautiful night..that went on till about (ahem) 5am…

All work and no play is no good so this past Saturday I decided to take a short break to spend time with hubby and Dexter.

It was a GORGEOUS day so we decided to go up a dog-friendly vineyard (sugar loaf mountain) which happened to be hosting a stomp festival with a live band.

We spent the afternoon lazying about on the lovely grass, sipping wine and playing with Dexter who was quite the charmer. Strangers came up to us and said word got around about our cute little marley-like puppy and asked to come pet him. He loves people and kids to he was THRILLED with all the attention.

Later we went to a farm close by and picked pumpkins. Dexter was beat by the time we got home.

Exhausted and hungry after at times 14+ hour days, I came home to hubby and this lil guy. Seeing Dexter’s happy face all excited to see me was all I needed and it took all the exhaustion away. He is such a joy. When we are out and about, working etc, I cant wait to get back home where I know he will be there waiting, wagging tail and all waiting for us to come play with him. An amazing feeling. Love him so much.

Enough about me, how have you  been? Has this season been good to you?Hope you havent forgotten me!!

much love, xoxo

images: manvi drona hidalgo (mostly via my iphone)