Artist Dan McCarthy

Guest Post by Anand Gahlot from Fenetik Design

Hi all, I’m Anand. I love design, and I love blogs. I’m pretty awesome actually, just ask me:)

When I’m not guest blogging for Mochatini, I’m either writing for 2modern or SdotG, and when all other distractions fail, I’m a designer for Fenetik Design, where I’m generally in charge of everything except invoicing. Daily life sees me hip deep in pretty much all aspects of visual communication and floating in and out of a type-nerd haze.

I want to introduce Dan McCarthy‘s work. Dan is an amazing artist and screenprinter! His prints make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside… I want to cover all my walls with these. Here are some of my favorites:





You can check out all his work including his drawings here.

images: Dan McCarthy