happy friday + baking strawberry shortcake cookies

Doesn’t it feel awesome when a very productive week comes to an end?  I got so much done in the last few days, and the house is a lot more organized too. Clearing up clutter gets me going, feeling good and filled with inspiration. I experimented with some baking too.

Dexter and I made strawberry shortcake cookies last night. It was one of Martha Stewart’s recipes, to which we added fresh cream and strawberries. Not only did they turn out nicely, they were gone in literrally 3 hours. If you like strawberries, you MUST give this easy recipe a go.

Today, we made blueberry-basil margaritas which also turned out yum! I will share that with you tomorrow as we are off to dog park and then dinner with friends.

Wish you a sunny and happy weekend, friends.



image: manvi