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Being sick,and bed-ridden, for most of last week gave me time to think about reorganizing my apartment, especially my work space and closet.


Joy Cho’s fabulous new studio tour over at Design Sponge

I realized I have wayyyyy too much stuff, and need to do something about it. I bought several storage boxes from Ikea, including this one which has my family name 🙂 to keep my crafting and paper supplies organized. While reassessing the space I decided I don’t need a very large desk since I do most of my crafting on the dining table, and foldout tables. The Micke desk from Ikea is the perfect size for my mbpro and small office supplies. Continue Reading

working it

Plugging away in the studio, putting the finishing touches on a couple of entertaining pieces and articles, my thoughts keep dragging me to a work space less chaotic than mine. When I have projects back-to-back props, china, glassware, craft supplies, fabric + wallpaper rolls, paint and glitter are everywhere…As much as I wish it didnt get that way, this is the nature of  my work and comes with the territory… Though, one of these days I need to sort through stuff that keeps accumulating project after project…I might just have to have find new homes for some of my stuff…Prop sale anyone?

A pool lounge {like one below} right outside my studio would be SO FAB! Just think! Totally ideal for breakfasts/ mid-day breaks/sketchs and plans for projects/lunches with clients/ laps after work and dinner dates with hubby..

ps: did i mention that an awesome Bikram (hot) yoga studio recently opened RIGHT by my house.. YAY!! I just love how engerized I feel after one of their 90 min sessions.