Summer Beer Tasting Party

This summer there seem to be more shandy’s, specialty pilsners, and craft IPA’s than ever before. What better reason, to fire up the grill and have friends bring their old favorites and new discoveries over for a beer tasting party.



Super simple to plan and execute, you will set the pace for this and the rest of the summer nights! A few quick supplies from your local hardware store will add an element that’s low on work and high and high on style.

Beer Tasting Setup

The Set-up:

DIY chalkboard table runner

Beer tasting set up

Natural fiber drop cloth with DIY checkerboard pattern as a tablecloth


DIY green and white beer and lobster pails


Succulents and herbs placed sparingly around the table create no-fuss pops of color.



Lots of craft and artisan beer!

Pail DIY:


3 aluminum pails

painters tape

neon green spray paint

white spray paint

1 – Spray pails with 2 coats of white paint

2 – once completely dry, apply tape one inch apart

3 – spray with neon green paint and allow to dry

4 – remove tape and voila!



Chalkboard Table Runner DIY


1 roll of craft paper

chalkboard spray paint

1 – cut sheet of craft paper the length of your table

2 – spray with chalkboard spray paint

3 – allow to dry completely, then set on table

*fun tip: use different color chalk for each different beer*


Small but hearty bites, pair well with beer and conversation

Cheese, tomato, and bacon puffs

Small but hearty bites, pair well with beer and conversation

A summertime beer tasting is just the sort of fun and casual gathering summer was made for.


ps: take a look at more ideas on hosting a couples shower with a beer tasting in our feature for DIY Network

blinks; summer at the city sage

You have been incredible, so patient while things settled down for me with my work at and my injury. Thank you. I have missed not being able to spend more time with you here. How did this week treat you?

did you get a chance to visit the city sage yet? If you haven’t lets play catch up. We have summer inspiration waiting.

chicest room for a lil girl..

With a very busy day behind me and only one more day before its the weekend, I cannot wait to spend more time enjoying summer outdoors.
Say hello over at the city sage

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inspired by; summer in a garden

I’ve been spending pretty much every dry day in my garden. Soaking in sunshine, dinners, gardening some supervising projects. The contractors are working on the lower level deck as we speak. Once they are done, which I hope is in a day or so, we have to stain and finish it along with our existing upper level deck. I also scored a set of green round wrought iron table and two chairs from one of our neighbors and it fits perfectly into my {in progress} potting shed/ tea area. my vision for this indoor-outdoor space is something like this.

Which brings me to this post. Toast UK’s summer catalog is filled with great art direction, gorgeous locations and, of course, cute outfits. Now, Im getting even more ideas for my garden.

This red polka dot bikini has my name written all over it.

How charming is this stone patio? I want!!

I might just have to give these casual and super comfy pants a try.

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images: toast