takoma park

Hello lovelies. Hope you had  a good weekend.

Are you recharged for the week ahead? No? me too. I could so use another day or two off.


Friday, I finally put away those mountains of books and magazines. I used an old shoe rack to hang the ones that I currently need to review. Spent most of Saturday enjoying the sunshine in my backyard. My friend from NY visited and we had a nice time chatting, lounging and basking in the sun. We took a short walk to the creek, bbqd and later went to birthday party.

Sunday was mostly overcast. I didn’t go for the bike ride, but went for another walk along the creek, with Paul and the camera.




I absolutely love the different colors of leaves in this area. Where else can you see pink, purple, crimson, orange and lush green leaves on one street? And we are lucky to experience leaves changing their colors twice a year, spring and fall.


These homes are right next to the creek.



I am so jealous of the views from this sunroom.


Images by MDH and PDH, on an overcast Sunday evening in Takoma Park.