Happy Summer Solstice Friday

Summer is here bringing fun outdoor events around the city! My calendar is filling up with pool parties, sailing, wine tastings, beach time and so many events that I feel it will be Fall before I know it. And if this weekend’s plans are any indication, its going to be a fabulous Summer.


Tomorrow I join Sailstice Sailors for an afternoon of sailing along the Chesapeake Bay. Havent heard of Summer Sailstice? Summer Sailstice is the global sailing holiday celebrated on the weekend closest to the summer solstice.


This international event was founded in 2001 to connect the global sailing community in a fun, creative, multifaceted, multi-location sailing holiday.  Every year, Summer Sailstice connects over 19,000 sailors all over the world—cruisers, racers and recreational—to celebrate and showcase life under sail.


It has expanded to include participants from Asia, across the Americas and Europe. Sounds so fun, right? I cant wait to tour the  Leopard 39 catamaran with Allen Murphy and his crew tomorrow! Interested in going to one of their open houses? Get more details and find an event close to you here.


On Sunday I head to one of Kinfolk magazine’s famous dinners, a butcher block party by Tom Madrecki of Chez Le Commis at Stoney Lonesome Farm.


They have a super fun workshop planned where we first learn about how to identify and select fresh fish at the market, along with a brief overview of fish “issues” (sustainability, wild vs. farmed, quality vs. locality, etc.), learn how to break down a whole fish in an hands-on session followed by a discussion about how to prepare fish, with an eye toward providing a foundation more than specific recipes followed by a delicious supper of seafood and vegetables, hand-harvested by Tom and the owner of Stoney Lonesome just before the the event.


Im already drooling!  I dont know much about cooking fish and so this workshop is perfect and just in time for Summer entertaining! What are your plans? Wish you a sunny and fun weekend. xo

Ahoy! Summer

images: Leo Patrone and Micheal Graydon