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Hi sweets. I promised to supply you with tons of inspiration while I am on a little vacation in aspen and inspiration is just what you will find in today’s guest post by Charlotta Ward. Charlotta, from the blog space for inspiration is an artist, design and interior stylist for children. Orginally from Sweden, she has lived in several corners of the world and currently calls Sydney, Australia her home. She is an amazingly warm and courageous mother of two lovely children and I am proud to call her my blogging friend. She also authors a second blog charlotta ward. So, without anymore from me, here is charlotta –

Tropical Bliss

Hello everyone, my name is Charlotta and I am delighted to be here and write this guest post for the gorgeous Manvi!

My heritage is Swedish but for the last 11 years I have lived in Sydney, Australia. As my blog ‘Space for Inspiration‘ spills over with design impressions  from the motherland, I thought I would devote this guest post to life in the tropics.

Though I have country-hopped for over 20 years (‘Euro-trash’) the transition from the old world sophistication of Europe to the exotic and casual lifestyle of tropical Australia was a little overwhelming.

Packing my bikini next to my laptop each morning and leaping from a boardroom meeting straight to the beach for an early evening swim seemed too good to be true at first. Actually it took me a couple of years to stop pinching myself..

The actual pace of living is different and it is true that with a warmer climate comes a more relaxed attitude to life in general.

Being ‘comfortable’ and ‘at ease’ are much higher rated than being ‘correct’ or ‘formally stylish’, and this may be the key difference between Stockholm & Sydney. (Just try suggesting a ‘no-worries-mate’ kind of attitude to a Stockholmer in mid -November…)

When in Australia I find myself wanting to spend most of my time outside – be that in on the beach, in a deck chair under a (spider free..) tree or sipping a cold drink by the pool. As such a stylish hammock, fabulous cushions for the garden chairs and a brilliant lantern for the porch become much more important than that designer rug for the guest-room. I find this very refreshing, especially after my 8 years in London where the (read: ‘my’) focus was on chic and sober sophistication. Comfort came second to looking fabulous and living stylishly.

That said, the basic approach to design here is very similar to that of my beloved Scandinavia (I was quite surprised..) – simplicity, comfort and practicality are key and I find that the base for most environments here, like in Sweden, is white.

Decor accents tend to be stronger however, and the hot weather and colourful surroundings inspire bolder decor moves. Suddenly feel it is OK to choose the bright red cushions rather than the more elegant (and sensible) muted ones..

Though my Swedish heart still beats for the frosty North, I love life in this tropical paradise and I could go on forever about the bliss of life here. I will however love & leave you now with promise to be more generous with tropical inspiration in my own blog from here on.

G’day & Hejdå all – hope to see you over at mine soon.

x Charlotta

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images: supplied by charlotta ward