Edward Cullen:What did you expect? Coffins, and dungeons and moats?

Bella: Um..not the moats.

Modern day vampires have way cool houses. I guess it’s no biggie if you have been saving up for like 400 years.

Thanksgiving break we went to watch Twilight. And I have been hooked since then. I loved Edward’s entire house. The entry foyer. The floor to ceiling windows. The views from each of those windows. The kitchen. Even if they never use it. I even liked the artwork with the graduation caps. But what I loved the most was Edward’s room. The sophisticated and stylish decor. The posh French doors and of course the part where he can just take off and go tree hopping. I’m smitten, and I want to be bitten.

I had hardly distracted myself to get some work done when I came across Apartment Therapy’s posts on Edward’s room. I just had to had to share them with you. Check out Apartment Therapy’s post on Edward’s room here.

I couldn’t find the exact pictures that I was looking for so I decided to post a scene from the movie instead. This is the scene where Edward takes Bella to his room. His fabulous and chic room.

If you haven’t seen the movie or read the books. I suggest you do. At least for eye candy, fantasy and conversation sake. And if you have seen the movie or read the book, what about his house did you like most? If you read the book first, how did the movie compare?

I can’t wait for New Moon, the sequel. Till then, I will be hanging out in bio class at Forks High School.

Image credits: Apartment Therapy and Twilighters.org