fashion; bolero by uptownurbancraft

I just found out what a bolero is and love/want this gorgeous one!


sorry for the lack of posts today. i took a break and faced up the horror that was my closet! i spent all day sorting and organizing my clothes. some from 8 years ago. that i wore once!  {in the changing room}. no wonder i had zero space for the fifteen percent of my wardrobe that i do wear. i am guilty of being too attached to my clothes and have held on to some EIGHT years more than i should have! additionally guilty of never putting away my clothes either. seriously, how long can you go one justifying adding chairs to the room?

finally motivated myself to get around to doing something about the piles of my clothes everywhere! i quit procrastinating and ditched the ” if only i had more time” excuse and got right down to it. turned up the tunes. and started from the ground up. emptied out my dresser and closet. every little corner and piled it all up in the center of the room.

i ended up really enjoying it. said my final goodbyes to some and came up with some design ideas to tuck in the others. all this while designing /plotting ideas to best use the dressing area in our bedroom. more on that later. I also organized my accessories and shoes. productivity, is my new name!

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