water fountains

How do you feel about water fountains? I really like outdoor fountains, especially when I come across beautiful ones like these. I’m totally sold on stone minimalistic outdoor fountains. Not only are they great sound barriers but I simply love the sound of falling water.


Love this vessel/bowl fountain. via DTI





However, I am not too sure about indoor water fountains. I know they are supposed to be great feng shui wise and I have seen them look great in some spaces, hotels, restaurants etc,  But what about having one in your home?  Would the sound getting annoying after a while?


Like this slate wall fountain?


Or this copper fountain?


or this simple yet elegant one? fountain4

I could see this one on an entryway wall.

These wall fountains look nice and are reasonably priced but I would prefer to use them in offices or small boutiques. What are your thoughts on indoor water fountains? Yeah or neigh?

images: DTI, Coco+Kelley and watergifts

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