handmade holidays: it’s a wrap

Gold leafing is such fun! And liquid dye is so much easier to work with. Next up, I want to try gold leafing a set of clay bowls in gold and white stripes. I’ll use them for packaging holiday gifts. Speaking of holiday gift packaging and wrapping…These ideas are making me want to wrap all my neighbors gifts!


Last year I bought a dozens of paper straws in assorted colors but havent used many at all. Kind of a waste but then I saw this gift wrapping idea on papermash, and now I cant wait to make little striped paper snowflakes to adorn my gifts.


Newspaper prints, plain craft paper, tissue paper, card stock and parchment paper make the best gift wrapping, dont they? I love this black pinwheel strung around white paper wrapping.

Use leftover party decor supplies such as crepe paper streamers, gold fringe door curtain, twine and plain wrapping papers for modern gift-wrapping designs.

Swooning over this last image of black and white wrapping magic. Washi tape, polka dots and black glitter ornament magic = LOVE!!!

Want to share your gift wrapping ideas? I’d love to see!

Have a great week! xo