interiors; living rooms

I was going to start with another living room but decided to hold off on that one for a bit.

This upper east side living room is not the kind of style I usually blog about. It takes itself a bit too seriously and while I like the pops of orange, I still feel it lacks character. Its not just the monochromatic furniture, all the pieces are stylish. I guess I find it elegant but slightly boring. I dont mind the monochromatic furniture because most of the pieces are stylish. It doesnt seem like a fun room to socialize, I would be worried sick of spilling or staining. It also needs a shot of energy.

I would love to spend time reading in such a room though. What do you think?

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entryways + foyers

This entryway that I came across via city sage is easily one of my favs. Elegant and uncluttered it oozes an unpretentious style. The white on white {which I cant seem get enough of} has convinces me more and more that the cranberry paint in my entryway needs to go. I am also considering a light wallpaper instead of paint. A sleek console with drawers to store knick-knacks is pretty and functional. The cube benches make a good contrast, are practical and hide cozily under the console. And i love having baskets handy to take to the farmers market.

style at home via citysage

entryways + foyers

Casual, bright with lovely pops of blue, this entryway reminds me of coastal homes and warm sunny beaches. Time to plan my next beach vacation ;-). But what initially caught my eye was the collection of personal pictures. I am undecided about them. While I like to display pictures of family and friends in some areas of the home, I am not sure about showcasing them on my entryway wall. What do you feel about displaying personal pictures up in a common space like entryways, assuming it is done tastefully?


from stylist nan whitney’s portfolio.